Turbo Actuator Remanufacturing

We specialize in professionally remanufacturing VGT (Variable Geometry Turbochargers) turbo actuators. With our extensive industry experience, we possess exceptional expertise in understanding the intricate operations of actuators, including their electronic and mechanical functionalities, as well as their interplay with turbochargers and engine control systems.

Holset VGT Turbo Actuator Blasted Coolant Housing

Turbo Remanufacturing & Sales

Our dedication lies in delivering outstanding service by employing high-quality components in our turbo remanufacturing process. Our expertise lies in the remanufacturing of variable geometry turbochargers, particularly those associated with Holset, as well as other variants from esteemed brands like BorgWarner, Garrett, 3K, IHI, MHI, and more.

Dodge Ram (2013-2018) VGT Turbocharger

Diagnostics & Calibration

With our extensive range of capabilities, we proudly provide complimentary diagnostic services for a diverse range of VGT turbo actuators. By meticulously examining the electronic and mechanical functionalities, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the component’s overall condition. Should calibration be required, we offer turbo actuator calibration services for an additional fee.

Holset VGT Turbo Actuator Services Test Photo
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