Cummins ISL9 Holset HE300VG VGT Turbo Actuator


Reman Holset VGT Electronic Actuator for EPA13 Cummins ISL9 CM2350 engines.

This is a professionally remanufactured Holset VGT electronic actuator for EPA13 Cummins ISL9 engines. All actuators have been professionally remanufactured by Vortex Turbo. All units have been tested to ensure they will pass installation and calibration procedures via compatible diagnostic software/tools such as Cummins Insite.

Includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Note: All VGT actuators will need to be calibrated to your turbo upon receipt using Cummins Insite or another capable diagnostic tool.


Product Features
  • Professionally remanufactured by experts in the diesel electronics industry (not just a repaired or tested unit that has been cosmetically restored)
  • Two-stage media blasting process for a new-look satin finish
  • All high wear and failure-prone components have been replaced with OEM or better quality equivalents
  • All brand new high-quality Japanese German, or Swedish bearings
  • Brand new interior and exterior bolts
  • Brand new rubber mounting gaskets included
Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Holset
Make: Cummins
Model(s): International/Navistar, Freightliner trucks
Engine(s): ISL, ISL9, CM2350,
Turbo Model(s): HE300VG
Actuator Part Number(s): 3778620, 3778624, 3784301, 3785181, 3788934, 3788938, 3790798, 4034091, 4034176, 4034310, 4034397, 5452687, 5452690, 5496045, 6382091
Mounting Kit Part Number(s): N/A

Cross Reference Part Numbers: 3778620NX, 3778620RX, 3778624NX, 3778624RX, 3784301NX, 3784301RX, 3785181NX, 3785181RX, 3788934NX, 3788934RX, 3788938NX, 3788938RX, 3790798NX, 3790798RX, 4034091NX, 4034091RX, 4034176NX, 4034176RX, 4034310NX, 4034310RX, 4034397NX, 4034397RX, 5452687NX, 5452687RX, 5452690NX, 5452690RX, 5496045NX, 5496045RX, 6382091NX, 6382091RX

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in
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