Cummins ISC ISL Holset HE431VE VGT Actuator


Remanufactured Holset VGT Electronic Actuator for Cummins EPA10 ISC/ISL engines.

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We are proud to present this high-quality remanufactured Holset VGT electronic actuator for 12V Cummins EPA10 ISC 8.3L and ISL 8.9L engines with the HE431VE model turbocharger. All actuators have been professionally remanufactured by Vortex Turbo.

  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty
  • Includes mounting/installation kit (P/N: 4032194, 4034193)
Product Features
  • Professionally remanufactured part by experts in the diesel electronics industry (not just a repaired or tested unit that has been cosmetically restored)
  • All high wear and failure-prone components have been replaced with OEM or better quality parts
  • Two-stage media blasting process for a new-look satin finish
  • All brand new high-quality Japanese, German, or Swedish bearings
  • Brand new interior and exterior bolts
  • High-temperature resistant fiberglass sleeving capable of deflecting heat in environments up to 1200°F
Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Holset
Make: Cummins
Model(s): Trucks
Engine(s): ISC, 8.3L, ISL, 8.9L, CM2250
Turbo Model(s): HE400VG, HE431VE
Actuator Part Number(s):2834402, 2835946, 2837217, 2840219, 3780564, 3780588, 3784386, 3787561, 3787565, 3787595, 4032161, 4032674, 4032765, 4032768, 4034118, 4034122, 4034287, 4044302, 4045999
Turbo Part Number Compatibility: TBD
Mounting Kit Part Number(s): 4034192, 4034193

Cross Reference Part Numbers: 2834402NX, 2834402RX, 2835946NX, 2835946RX, 2837217NX, 2837217RX, 2840219NX, 2840219RX, 3780564NX, 3780564RX, 3780588NX, 3780588RX, 3784386NX, 3784386RX, 3787561NX, 3787561RX, 3787565NX, 3787565RX, 3787595NX, 3787595RX, 4032161NX, 4032161RX, 4032674NX, 4032674RX, 4032765NX, 4032765RX, 4032768NX, 4032768RX, 4034118NX, 4034118RX, 4034122NX, 4034122RX, 4034287NX, 4034287RX, 4044302NX, 4044302RX, 4045999NX, 4045999RX

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in

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