6318455 NEW Cummins X15 (EPA17+) Holset VGT Turbo Actuator


A BRAND NEW Holset HE400VG VGT Actuator for Cummins X15 engines (EPA17 and newer). This is the latest generation all-new redesigned smart actuator.

Sell us your old core! We can offer up to $350 for your old unit! Please call us at 682-323-5959 for more details.

This is a BRAND NEW Holset VGT electronic actuator for Cummins X15 engines with the HE400VG model turbochargers. This is the NEWEST generation turbo actuator that has been redesigned for the 8th generation HE400VGT series turbochargers scheduled to be launched in 2024. The new generation smart actuator incorporates the latest chipset to enhance performance and durability. This actuator is compatible with EPA17 and newer Cummins X15 engines.

Includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Note: All VGT actuators will need to be calibrated to your turbo upon receipt using Cummins Insite or another capable diagnostic tool.


Product Features
  • Brand new rubber mounting gaskets, bolts, and grease for installation included.
Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Holset
Make: Cummins
Model(s): Various
Engine(s): X15, 15 Liter, ISX, ISX15, CM2350, CM2450, X15 Efficiency Series, X15 Productivity Series, X15 Performance Series
Turbo Model(s): HE400VG, HE400VGT
Actuator Part Number(s): 3784300, 4034136, 4034175, 4034188, 4034308, 4034429, 5355124, 5355724, 5356525, 5452695, 5496046, 5501185, 5602216, 6318455, 6319086, 6374772, 6382093
Mounting Kit Part Number(s): N/A

Cross Reference Part Numbers: 3784300RX, 3784300NX, 4034136RX, 4034136NX, 4034175RX, 4034175NX, 4034188RX, 4034188NZ, 4034308RX, 4034308NX, 4034429RX, 4034429NX, 5355124RX, 5355124NX, 5355724RX, 5355724NX, 5356525RX, 5356525NX, 5452695RX, 5452695NX, 5496046RX, 5496046NX, 5501185RX, 5501185NX, 5602216RX, 5602216NX, 6318455NX, 6318455RX, 6319086NX, 6319086RX, 6374772NX, 6374772RX, 6382093NX, 6382093RX

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in

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