Our Process

Our turbo actuator remanufacturing process involves a variety of steps to ensure our products and services achieve and maintain the highest standards. We are very passionate about what we do and thus are always determined to improve our products and services by continually implementing new research and development strategies.


A thorough visual inspection is conducted to assess damages or flaws to housings, wiring harnesses, moving mechanical parts, and circuit boards.  


Every unit is diagnosed prior to assembly in order to determine proper electronic and mechanical functionality. This information is noted separately for each individual unit.


All units are carefully and completely disassembled including wire harness assemblies, PCBs, gears, bearings, housings, gaskets, and external/internal machine screws.


We utilize an ultrasonic cleaner in order to degrease and clean all parts of oil, grease, dirt, soot, and other contaminants. More detailed areas are cleaned by hand with precision.

Media Blasting & Polishing

Housings are meticulously media blasted to remove paint, rust, and corrosion. After a detailed visual inspection, these units will be polished in a separate blast cabinet for a bright and shiny like-new finish.

PCB Rework

Circuit board components that endure high wear and tear as well as other parts that are essential for prolonged performance are replaced with brand new OE or better equivalents. Silicone conformal coating layers are applied to both sides of the PCB for optimal protection from heat and vibration stress.


Reassembly of units encompasses the installation of new bearings, gaskets, grease, machine screws, and wire harness assemblies.

QA & Testing

Our final step is quality assurance and testing. All actuators are tested for CAN bus communication, proper J1939 response, and successful passing of installation and calibration procedures.

Original Equipment Standards

In the field of remanufacturing, sometimes it’s not possible to easily source replacement parts found in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. As part of our mission to meet or exceed OE specifications we have taken it upon ourselves to design and implement parts that are not available off the shelf for purchase. 

VGT Turbo Actuator Screw Bolt Design Preview

Machine Screws

All turbo actuator screws are replaced with brand new equivalents. Our internal and external housing machine screws meet or exceed OE dimensions and material specifications.

VGT Actuator Pin Housing Design

Wire Harness Contact Pin Housing

Our capabilities now allow us to provide a new wiring harness replacement solution for certain model turbo actuators. Our harnesses are assembled in-house with OEM connectors, terminals, and our custom designed piece made in the USA.


We offer free diagnostics on turbo actuators and turbochargers. Our turbo actuator bench tester is suited to test for the following key operations:

  • CAN bus communication
  • Response to CAN bus commands for motor control, installation/calibration procedures, and the demanded vs actual positions commanded.
  • Inspection of mechanical moving parts such as bearings and gears.


All actuators that have been removed from a turbo or are being replaced MUST be recalibrated prior to vehicle operation with an authorized diagnostic software or equipment.

We do not offer “precalibrated” actuators since every turbo actuator lever arm position will be slightly different from one turbocharger to another. VGT turbo actuators use very precise stepper motors and are EXTREMELY accurate in storing position values. If an actuator isn’t calibrated to the turbocharger that it will be operating on then performance loss can be expected.  

We offer calibration services for customers who do not have the resources to perform their own calibrations. Service calls in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex are available for a reasonable fee. 

Give us a call if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding diagnostic and calibration services.

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